Mini Chat With Yo Majesty

The other day I was sitting in the office doing absolutely nothing, so I decided to hit up a bunch of my favorite artists and ask ’em to answer a few questions for our blog. I’ve got a few of these mini e-mail interviews coming up, and today I’m gonna start it all off with Shunda K of Yo Majesty. She’ll be at S.X.S.W. in Austin promoting her solo stuff, so be sure to check it out if you’re bouncing from Australia any time soon.

Y’all signed to Domino last year and were recently featured in NME – is it weird to y’all that you’re getting such exposure right now for “Club Action” despite the fact that it was recorded ages ago?
We’re not surprised of our success. This is why we’ve been working so hard and it’s a blessing people are [still] feeling our music from 5-6 years ago. All I can say is that we’re definitely ahead of our time and the game!!! Watch out industry…

Since that got so hot in a short period of time, heaps remixes started popping up everywhere. Do y’all have any favorites?
My favorite mix is the Baltimore mix, however I gotta give a shot out to my man Steve (By-Product) out of Chicago, IL. He won the remix competition.

What’s been the hardest part of being a gay female crew rapping in the south?
It’s not about being gay, but lack of respect as being a female emcee period has been a challenge. Now, though, everybody see what we’ve been tryin’ to tell ’em… we da best to eva came; like Jwl. B says, “the best band in the land”. Think we ain’t???

Y’all’s lyrics are, without fail, clever and witty. What do you draw lyrical inspiration from?
We draw lyrical inspiration from our lives… that is what we refer to in our lyrics. Our lives alone is a living testimony, so why not talk about it!!!!

Thought I’ve never been fortunate enough to see you live, your show is said to be epic. What do you enjoy most about the live experience?
We enjoy being ourselves. When we come on stage the first thing we do is make sure that everyone is comfortable… once that’s done, Yo Majesty takes it away…u jus’ do what we say!!!!


Shunda K

Photo by Joel Pratley