Mini Chat With Crookers

I think it’s safe to say y’all know Crookers now. Think about fish that swim upstream to lay eggs. Or perhaps the word “wow”. Or maybe just bumpin’ beats out of Italy. One of those should do the trick. Anyhow, I’ve got another of those short e-mail interviews all lined up for you kids. Here ’tis:

Y’all have absolutely blown up, and thus you’ve been playing all over the globe. What have been your favorite places to play?

Holland (big ups to Joost!) was great for the people, Malmo for the beers, and Gent’s Soulwaxmas was the biggest gig we’ve been so far!

You’re coming to Australia soon for a tour. Is there anything in particular you wanna do in your time here?

We’ll have a three day break between the gigs and it is summer there… you have beautiful beaches, don’t you?

Everyone knows about Parisian music these days, but it looks like Italy might be the next hot spot. Recommend us some music from your country, please.

Yeah we’re trying to team up a bit here, which is something new for Italy…
watch out for our fellas the Bloody Beetroots and Esp Records.

What’s your default go-to-tune to really get dead a dance floor working?

We play a lot of our stuff and from friends of all over the world, some tracks work everywhere and people expect us to play them but many depend on the place you are – we just try to feel the mood of the dance floor… like every DJ!

How’s it feel to have the “Knobbers” E.P. out? What sort of response have you been getting?

The response was really great, the E.P. is being played by very, very different types of DJs, and when this happens it’s the thing that makes us most happy!

I’ve read that y’all are the top Italian artists on MySpace and Bloody Beetroots are third. Who wins between you two in a fight on the street?

Didn’t know that… wow!
We’re peaceful guys – we never fight!


Photo by Joel Pratley.