Midnight Juggernauts remix CSS / Cover “Ca Plane Pour Moi”

If the Juggers blog love of late is any indication of how busy they’ve been then Melbourne/Sydney’s trio have been wading in heavy seas.

The threesome have clocked up a cover of “Ca Plane Pour Moi”, a remix of “Left Behind” by CSS and an acoustic version of their own single “Road To Recovery” aptly titled acoustopia. All three tracks are destined to remind you how much you <3 the Midnight Juggernauts and how much you can’t wait to see them again once they’re back from Pari’.

Midnight Juggernauts cover “Ca Plane Pour Moi” on JTV.

It must suck to be Vin though, he went through all the trouble of learning and brushing up on his French to have a dude respond to “Ca Plane Pour Moi” like this:

“*Pierre-Gilles said…

I love tis song but i’am french and i don’t understand the lyrics :D”

but then again I don’t think we even know what he’s saying in English half the time.

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