MGMT To Guest On Jay-Z’s New Album

In a collaboration as unlikely as his partnership with Linkin Park (but hopefully less nu-metal) Jay-Z has recently revealed that MGMT will feature on his upcoming LP Blueprint 3.

Besides the Brooklyn psych-popsters Reuters also shed some light on the album’s guest MC’s and Producers: “[Jay-Z] came back with collaborations with producers Kanye West, No I.D. and Timbaland, as well as musician contributions from MGMT, Drake, Mr. Hudson, Rihanna and Kid Cudi. (As of now, there are no collaborations with Beyonce, although he doesn’t rule out the possibility.)”

Though he a gazillionaire these days we couldn’t help but suggest some gangsta Jay-Z/MGMT inspired song titles. Something along the lines of…

Kid’s Got Crack In His Palm
Electric Feels Sharp In My Spine (A Deathrow Ballad) or
Time To Pretend I’ve Got An Escalade.

Can’t wait to hear the results…

Via Reuters

Picture by Ronald Martinez via Getty Images