Watch This Metal As Fuck Grandma Throw Down The Horns Onstage In Norway

If you thought your grandmother was cool as hell because she’d let you have fuck-off slabs of cake for afternoon tea, or is someone you can depend on gifting you a bunch of money in every special occasion card, I’m sorry to tell you that she’s absolutely not as cool as this Norwegian grandma who loves metal and would absolutely fuckin’ shred if you gave her a Flying V.

Five Finger Death Punch are currently on tour in Europe with Of Mice and Men and In Flames, and at their Norway show the band came across a 70 year old woman going hell for leather on the barrier – which to be honest is a feat unto its own.

The band brought her up on stage, and chucked a video about it on their Twitter because hot damn this is some Wholesome Content and the world absolutely needs to be around this.

Look at her bloody go! She gets up on the stage, throws up the horns SEVERAL TIMES, gets in on some mic grabs, busts out some air guitar and pretty much steals the entire show.

Someone from the crowd got a bloody great video of Heavy Metal Grandma totally loving life onstage with the band, and Christ this is just so god damn pure.

I put it to you that this woman is absolute goals. If I can be in my seventies and still throw down some serious mosh pit shenanigans then hot damn I’ll be happy.

Let’s be real though, I’m in my twenties now and already stand at the back with my arms folded.