Mercy Arms – Where Are They Now?

We’ve previously reported on the speculated break up of Sydney four-piece Mercy Arms after their wikipedia page announced a split citing “Callinan and Moore’s creative differences” as the primary reason. The supposed break up has since been amended to the more ambiguous “hiatus” but if that term was a industry euphemism for experimenting with new drugs, moving to Jamaica to get a tan and mastering the gentle art of procrastination nobody told Mercy Arms.

Since the announced break in February the Mercy Arms boys have kept busy with a plethora of side-projects and collaborations with both established players and relative unknowns alike. So we thought it only appropriate to fill you in Craig David style on what the constituents of your favourite Australian band have been up to this year. We’ll give you a clue – keeping low is not one of them.

Lead vocalist, guitarist and sometime keyboardist Thom Moore has since formed Canvas Kites a croony guitar-driven three-piece that explore the twee pop leanings Moore only hinted at in Mercy Arms. Punchy, lean and sunny as a Summer day in London circa ’86.

Mercy Arms’ resident noisesmith and lead guitarist Kirin Callinan continues to explore the more experimental side of the music spectrum (diametric to Moore and therein lies the “creative differences”) through his solo project Kirin J. Callinan (currently recording a solo album with Big Jesus Burger producer Chris Townend), and through improvisational super group Fashion Launches Rocket Launches (which also features Mercy Arms drummer Julian Sudek and members of Lost Valentinos and Midnight Juggernauts ). Oh he’ll also play guitar as part of Jack Ladder’s touring band which also includes half-robot half-beast Pivot drummer Laurence Pike.

As for the rhythm section? Bassist Ash Moss is now playing bass for frenetic Sydney five-piece Faker and drummer Julian Sudek, as mentioned earlier, drums for jam heroes Fashion Launches Rocket Launches as well as the criminally underexposed Danimals an Animal Collective-like molotov of stuttering loops, sun bleached reverb, ambient noise and good vibes.

Phew, well now you know so get clicking and get listening. Just one quick question. Was that as arduous for you as it was for me? Seriously, my fingers hurt from typing all that activity.