Meme Dreams Come True, ‘Cause You Can Now Buy 3D Printed Pocket Drakes

If anyone ever tells you 3D printing isn’t revolutionary, show ’em this. 

ICYMI, Drake’s parallel career as a living meme lead him to spruik a make-your-own-lulz site riffing on his Views album cover. While that’s all well and good, technology now allows us to shitpost in real life, and you better believe designer Andrew Gardner has taken advantage of that fact.

In the marriage of Canadian rap and custom plastic extrusion we’ve all been waiting for, the bloke has taken that leg-swinging image and turned it into real-deal minifigures that are available for purchase. Right now. 

Oh yes. 

He was even so kind as to offer up suggestions for where you’d like to place your pocket Drake. Maybe on the streets, where he so clearly wants to be?

And hell, if you’re feeling especially luxe, why not drop $600 on the 14k gold-plated version?

That’s it. The meme has reached its logical conclusion. If only Champagne Papi knew about this before dunking some puny print-outs of himself the other day on Fallon. 

You better believe he’s gone on some adventures already, too:

Check ’em out here. What a time to be alive. 

Source: Complex.
Photo: Shapeways.