Mailer Daemon: Remixes ’07 – ’09

Consistently blurring the lines between hip hop, electro, psych, soul and rave, Sydney Producer and Pedestrian bro Mailer Daemon has sprinkled his eclectic influences over reworkings for Red Riders, Spod, Richard In Your Mind and The Panics among others.

If you’ve yet to acquaint yourself with Mailer Daemon’s psy-infused booty bouncers this back catalogue stretching back to ’07 is a good place to start we promise it’ll be the easiest party mix you’ll ever make. Just. Click. Download.

1. WOW – No Aspirations – (Mailer Daemon Mix)
2. The Panics – Don’t Fight It (Mailer Daemon Mix)
3. The Wahas – Sunny Drive (Mailer Daemon Mix)
4. Euphonic – Numb (Mailer Daemon Mix)
5. The Herd – 2020 (Mailer Daemon Instrumental Mix)
6. Ghosts Of Television – Furthest Village From The Sun (Mailer Daemon Mix)
7. Richard In Your Mind – 13 Stingrays (Mailer Daemon Remix)
8. Spod – Cats! (Mailer Daemon Remix) (320kbps MP3)
9. Lions At Your Door – L.A.Y.D (Mailer Daemon Mix)
10. Red Riders – Slide (In Next To Me) (Mailer Daemon Mix)