Someone Who Worked At Madonna’s Biopic Bootcamp Has Gone Rogue, Revealing Why The Film Got Axed

Less than a day after Madonna‘s biopic has been scrapped, a source has taken to the celebrity gossip Insta account, Deuxmoi, to air the ‘real’ reason why the film was dropped. Aaaaand pause for dramatic effect.

The anonymous submission alleges that the biopic was axed because “Madonna wants to sanitise the story.”

“Madonna needs to fire some of the chickens in her own coop. I’ve never known a celebrity to have so many saboteurs in their own crew,” the source said.

“She keeps a young crew mainly comprising of people who just want proximity to her fame and have no [actual] weight behind their creative input. Aspiring hip-hop artists, rappers, bullshit fashion designers… nobody with any care/stake in Madonna’s shit doing well.”

The source insinuates that the reason why the film was dropped is largely due to her heavy involvement in the film, which skewed her ability to tell a good story. They also alleged that no one around her was telling her that the film fkn blew either.

“She has no one in her team [that] will sit her down and say, ‘Hey, biopics usually suck’, or ‘Hey, maybe you should include the bad along with the good so this isn’t just an unbelievably polished story about your career’.”

The film, which was meant to be directed by the singer herself and starring Ozark actor Julia Garner, was in development since 2020 with Universal Pictures and was operating under the title Little Sparrow.

While the timing of the cancellation suggests that the movie has been put on the back burner because of the announcement of a huge world tour, sources at The Hollywood Reporter reveal the movie was actually canned late last year, way before any tour announcement. DRAMAAAAH.

“I’m half glad it’s cancelled and half devastated because the amount of work these dancers put in was next level,” the Deuxmoi tea-spiller said.

The film made headlines for its wild casting process, dubbed ‘Madonna bootcamp’, requiring aspiring contenders — including Florence Pugh and Euphoria star Alexa Demie — to compete in 11-hour days of choreography with Madonna’s choreographer. This would be allegedly followed by more choreography sessions with Madonna herself, as well as readings and singing with her.

“I spent over 16 weeks of my life helping actors and dancers in what can only be described as the most unnecessarily intense and perfectionist boot camp style audition process I have ever known in my 12 years as a professional dancer,” the source revealed. And hot damn, tell ’em how you really feel, sis.

While Deuxmoi hasn’t confirmed the legitimacy of the source or claims, it does add a little bit more shit into the bin fire that is (or was) this movie. RIP babes, we hardly knew yee.