Lupe Fiasco @ The Enmore Theatre Review

Lupe Fiasco last night at the Enmore… Wow.

What an eye opening experience it was. As I strolled through the musky dimly lit corridors that lead to the dancefloor I realised something was up, there was an over-abundance of loose fabric hurled across my fellow punters’ backs, it sure wasn’t the tight black loving Enmore crowd that I was use to. After copping some ego shrivelling looks from a man in a 9XL ice hockey jersey, most probably due to the fact that I was sporting a purple tie-dye top, realisation kicked in… This could be one very long night.

I didn’t know much about Lupe or what to expect, I didn’t do my prerequisite youtube search, nor did I punch Mr.Fiasco into Google… All I knew was that publications worldwide were calling him ‘The Future of Hip Hop.’ Surely you would think lines like that were setting me up for disappointment, but did he? NO! Lupe came out firing starting off his hour’ish long set with the only track of his I knew, that kick-push skating one, which got the crowd moving quicker then I could say ‘bump and grind.’ And the best part is the gig only got better from there.

It has to be said Lupe Fiasco well and truly blew my doo rag off. Credit where credit’s due it was much largely thanks to Mr.Fiasco’s virgin tight six piece band who took their own brand of pop infused acid jazz to another echelon ending EVERY track with !!!’esque dread lock unravelling pysch out jams, which as you would’ve guessed went down extremely well with me and my purple tie-dye top.

Despite Lupe’s lack of confidence claims the man really is a true performer and if you had to gauge a genre by it’s front runner, pop hop really is in a good state. “The Future of Hip Hop.” Yeah I’d roll with that.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch Lupe last night YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY catch him at the Big Day Out or one of these dates upcoming dates.

23 Jan 2009 11:00 Sydney, New South Wales
27 Jan 2009 8:00 The Palace Melbourne
30 Jan 2009 11:00 Big Day Out Adelaide, South Australia
1 Feb 2009 11:00 Big Day Out Perth, Western Australia

Title Image by Kevin Winter via Getty