LMFAO Has Split

The 21st of September will henceforth be known as the Day The Music Died Died, because large-haired party rocker and noted tennis fan Redfoo has announced the end of his odious chart-topping dance music outfit LMFAO.

Redfoo, real name Who Gives A Shit, revealed that he and band mate Sky Blu are calling an indefinite time out on LMFAO in an interview with news.com.au. He explained, “I feel like we’ve been doing this for so long, five or six years. And we’re kind of like saying, well, let’s just do what’s natural and just kind of explore that, instead of like forcing it all the time.”

LMAFO fans needn’t fear that Redfoo has shuffled his last, because Redfoo will continue to make music as a solo artist. He said, “All the music that I’m going to make is always going to be LMFAO-ish … I love all the topics that we talk about.” So that sounds promising for fans of party rocking, other kinds of partying, shots, champagne showers, being sexy and self aware, and poor spelling.

Photo by Kevin Winter for Getty Images