Live Stream Safia, Hayden James + More From Corona SunSets Fest This W/E

Look, I’d love to go to more festivals. I’d like to adorn myself in hilariously drapey clothing and shorts, and dance along to the music with all my mates as if I didn’t have the crushing weight of debt and bills chasing me down the street. But alas, it is not to be.

Some of us are firmly in that stage of brokeness where we can’t scrounge together the amount necessary to get out there even if we sell half of our belongings. But rest assured, fellow poor humans, that there is another way.

If you were keen on getting a glimpse at some of your fave artists at the Corona SunSets Festival this December 1st at North Beach, Wollongong, you can actually do that while chilling at home during an actual sunset in your pjs if you wanted.

If you weren’t one of the 7,800 lucky festival attendees who had super fast clicky fingers to snap up tix early, you can simply sit at home and catch the live stream in comfort (though you’ll defs still want a cheeky Corona while you do so, obviously). You’ll still have all the fezzy vibes, even though you missed out on actual tix.

Corona has teamed up with to make sure erryone can have their chance to catch the eight full hours of music, interviews and behind-the-scenes deets, presented by environmental ambassador Laura Wells and Channel [V] presenter Marty Smiley.

The live stream’s gonna be pretty great for any humans who don’t have the moula to travel to Wollongong, coz it’s a bit of a trek for some people. Much as it’s an excellent lil’ corner of the globe, if you’re Brissy-based for example, then you’re gonna have a bad time.

The festival will be featuring a buncha incredibly talented artists including Safia, Hayden James, Crooked Colours, Nora En Pure, Boo Seeka, Set Mo, Odette, Running Touch, KLP, CLYPSO and more.

You’ll still cop all the best atmosphere from SunSets, but you won’t have to jostle for space to see coz the live stream will have you right there in the middle of the action. Literally just you, a Corona and the choons.

And you don’t have to bother with humans OR the elements. I mean, you could dance around in the nuddy if you really felt like it, with nobody to judge you.

Why not? Watch it on the Corona Extra Australia YouTube channel or Facebook from 2pm to 10pm.