Listen: The Teenagers New Tune For A Tweet

Profane synthpop trio The Teenagers aren’t actually teenagers at all; they are skinny, attractive, Parisian twenty-something ‘indie’ nerds with a penchant for swear-filled English lyrics sung with adorable french accents. The band haven’t released any original tracks since their cultish 2008 debut album “Reality Check” (produced by Gordon Raphael the man behind the Strokes’ Is This It), but now they’re back with a new track called “Made Of” and they’ve come up with a super Gen Y way of sharing it around.

Remember the movie with Kevin Spacey and child star Haley Joel-Osmond called Pay It Forward about doing three good deeds for others* after someone does one good deed for you? The Teenagers have conceived a similar system whereby they’re passing the song to fans and friends for free by a new Social Payment System called “Pay with a Tweet”. Just go to the website and download it for free…with just a Tweet.

Here’s the website:

*An easy way to take care of all of these at once is to pay the toll for the three cars behind you if you go through the manual pay lane. They will be stoked and full of warm and fuzzy vibes.
Have been informed most tolls are auto now. Oh. I don’t have car.