Lily Allen Recounts Her Most Cringeworthy Hollywood Experience & Oh, God

It’s one thing to be mistaken for someone else, where you and the person who’s made the grave error awkwardly laugh, and move on with your lives. But being mistaken for someone else entirely when you’re being introduced to someone else is a whole other level of embarrassment hell that I do not wish to visit thank you very much.

Lily Allen has had to endure this circle of social hell and lived to tell the tale to PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Harking back to an evening of mistaken identity so severe that she had to literally LEAVE A PARTY where BeyoncéJay-ZMark Ronson, and Mila Kunis were in attendance, Lily Allen sat down with us to revisit the toe-curling memory – and we got local Sydney signwriter and illustrator Ginger Taylor to recreate it with a lot of confetti, glitter, and bright markers.

It’s a bloody pearler of a story, and had me in tears when Lily told it to me in Sydney recently. Seriously, you cannot make this shit up it’s that cringeworthy. Though I do wonder if her true identity was realised after she hot-footed it out of the party, but I guess we’ll never know.

Check out the vid below and prepare for some serious second-hand embarrassment from the woman who lives a life with absolutely No Shame.

Lily Allen’s newest album No Shame is out now, wherever you get your music, and her upcoming memoir My Thoughts Exactly is due for release on September 21st.