Wyclef Jean’s New Tune Literally Samples The Actual Planet Of Jupiter

Sampling is of course the very beating heart of music culture today, and the vector by which hip hop became the dominant genre on the planet. It was merely a matter of time before someone elevated it to the cosmic level – which is precisely what Wyclef Jean has done – by sampling the literal planet Jupiter for his new tune Borrowed Time.

Yep, the tune – which is part of a new project between NASA and Apple Music – uses sounds from the Juno spacecraft which has orbited the planet since last year.

Talking to USA Today, Jean said that the sounds and tones recorded by Juno instantly interested him.

I was interested to hear what was coming from Jupiter. What I heard was a collage of vibrations that sounded to me like a piano. I heard low tones, mid-range, high tones — it almost sounded like a new patch of sonics that have not been revealed yet to the public.

“The whole idea of this record is, between Earth and space, we’re really on borrowed time,” Jean went on. “So we have to love each other, not hate each other. We have to try and be progressive and move things forward, not backward.” 

That’s all well and good, but the key fact here is that the natural music of the planet Jupiter is on Apple Music now. You can stream the song below.