Honda Use Custom Vines To Entice Drivers, Still Trying To Make Rebecca Black Happen

Parlaying her brush with celebrity into another tenuous endorsement deal, Honda have used an undisclosed amount of candy to lure Rebecca Black into one of their Odyssey vans as part of a personalised Vine campaign to entice drivers who “#wantnewcar”. It’s an innovative campaign, albeit one arriving twenty-four months after Rebecca Black’s cultural-viral cache was thought to have initially peaked.

Kicking in the front seat, Black stars in one of the self-described “Breakthrough Twitter-centric Campaign Vine Videos [made] in Support of Summer Clearance Sa…” 
The Vine responses to tweets of the like that prompted Black’s video [“We were promised flying cars… I don’t see any #wantnewcar”] feature in addition to a series of videos produced in response to tweets written by certified celebrities, like Neil Patrick Harris.  
Of the many things able to be taken away from the campaign, it’s at the very least reassuring that despite extensive cyber-bulling and a considerable amount of time elapsing since the Friday that changed the world, Black’s entrepreneurialself-deprecating sense of humour remains wholly intact.
via AdWeek