Here’s Your Very First Glimpse of the Aaliyah Biopic

Aaliyah Dana Haughton, taken from this world far too soon in a plane crash in the Bahamas, is the subject of an upcoming biopic by Lifetime. Let’s forget for a moment that these are also the people behind the Lindsay Lohan-starring atrocity Liz And Dick, and get excited about the fact that it’s AALIYAH (1979-2001), whose story desperately needs to be told.

The singer behind ‘I Care 4 U’, ‘Are You That Somebody’ and ‘We Need A Resolution’ led one hell of a tumultuous life. She signed her first major label deal at the age of 12, but allegations of an inappropriate relationship with mentor R. Kelly followed. After switching labels, she scored a number of hits with Missy and Timbaland, before her tragic death at 22, in a light plane drastically overloaded with luggage.
Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B – of course it’s called that – is out in November, and features Alexandra Shipp in the title role, after original star Zendaya Coleman dropped out because she didn’t feel “morally okay” doing the movie without the blessing of Aaliyah’s family. For the record, they wanted a big studio movie and are unhappy that it fell to Lifetime.
Let’s fill in the time until it comes out by watching the video for ‘Try Again’ on a constant loop. Bless Aaliyah’s baggy pants.
via Vulture