Hangtime Launch In Melbourne

BOOM. SHAKA. LAKA. Get your Starter gear ready and prep those excuses for Friday morning as Hangtime begins its weekly Thursday takeover of Melbourne city’s iconic Ding Dong Lounge. Very special weekly guest acts from across the globe join our Hangtime starters – M.A.F.I.A., ’96 Bulls, Mat Cant, Paydirt and Dublin Aunts – dropping an outlandish array of party jams and regional sounds – electro, new jack, rap, Miami bass, Baltimore, dancehall, pop ‘n’ shit. Throw in some ungodly drink specials and you’ve got every reason to kick off your weekend a day early and test your Photoshop skills on last year’s medical certificate. Entry $7 before 10 or G/L, $10 otherwise. Dress fly, party up. It’s the real life equivalent of being ‘on fire’ in NBA Jam.