Gossip Girl Nabs Record Deal. Gossip Boy Knows Nothing About Fashion.

Now for some news from the Machiavellian side of the Gossip Girl character spectrum. Backstabbing Blair Waldorf aka Leighton Meester has inked a record deal with Universal Republic and plans to release an album later this year. Meanwhile the irredeemable Chuck Bass aka Ed Westwick proves that his knowledge of fashion is far less comprehensive than his knowledge of the perfect smoldering, pantie dropping gaze.

Meester’s album is described as having an “electro-pop edge” enlisting some high calibre Producers to ensure she owns 20 Grammys by this time next year (including Polow Da Don (Usher, Fergie) and Harvey Masos Jr. (Justin Timberlake, Pink).

“I’m thrilled to be welcomed into the Universal Republic fold,” said Meester in a statement. “Their reputation for nurturing artists combined with a willingness to break new ground makes it the ultimate environment for me to enjoy making music and explore my own creative boundaries.”

Westwick on the other hand makes his boundaries (fashion knowledge) shamefully apparent in a quiz with Grazia Magazine shown below. That dissonance between Chuck Bass’ dapper sartorial choices and Ed Westwick’s lack of fashion knowledge is like finding out that Alice from the Brady Bunch wasn’t a lesbian in real life.

Via Billboard and Jezebel