Gorillaz, James Murphy and André 3000 Do Their Thing On “DoYaThing”

Damon Albarn, James Murphy and André 3000 have teamed up with Converse as part of the ‘3 Artists. 1 Song‘ project for the free-styling, ad-libbing, nearly quarter-hour, one-take jam that is “DoYaThing.”

Speaking with Pitchfork on the collaboration, Albarn said “Music inspired by a shoe is quite a hard thing to get your head around. It’s got to be quite abstract,” and the result is pretty fitting, with 3000 going off-script for a pretty furious extended riff on the phrase “I’m the shit!” Hey, if the shoe fits, swear it.

With a video directed by Gorillaz/Tank Girl co-creator Jamie Hewlett set for a February 29th release, we can’t wait to see an animated gorilla André lose his shit, smear it everywhere and pick nits from James Murphy’s back.