Gorillaz Have Joined Insta And They’re Clearly Teasin’ Something Major

Gorillaz, your favourite virtual band made up of cartoon ape-men and helmed by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn, have been teasing a new release for some time now. Last year they announced plans to re-enter the studio, and footage surfaced of them doing just that. News emerged that names like De La Soul and Snoop Dogg had recorded seshes for a new album.

Now they’ve opened an Instagram for the first time, which is rolling out a retrospective  of the music they’ve done in the past. The comments are a good, pure space of people losing their freakin’ minds.

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I’ve got the balls to…

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They finished up with a tweet reading THE END and “until next time”, which freaked people out. They assumed it was a weird way of announcing that the band had broken up, which is almost certainly not true. Nobody sets up a social media campaign to just piss fans off like that, it’s not particularly good for business.

Regardless of what goes down, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing a new album ’til next year. Hewlett said last year that the new album is “really fuckin special” album “can’t be rushed”. But maybe he’s wrong. Something is being teased here.
Source: Instagram.
Photo: Gorillaz.