Good Vibrations Festival

Back for another year of dance, hip-hop and crossover pop insanity, the Good Vibrations Festival hits 2011 head on with enough talent to make Hugh Hefner jealous. Boasting top international names like French hitmakers Phoenix, dance pioneers UK Faithless and the unstoppable double-team of Nas and Damian Marley, Good Vibes certainly intends to live up to its name. If the big ‘uns don’t excite you, stick around for some of our favourites, like the wonderfully quirky Fenech-Soler and Deadmau5-baiting dubstep king, Rusko. At the very least, it’ll be worth the ticket price just to see Nas and recent ex-wife Kelis performing/shooting at each other on the same bill. We’re also keen to discover on whose irritatingly catchy viral hit gets a better response, Yolanda Be Cool’s ‘We No Speak Americano’ or Sidney Samson’s ‘Riverside’; after all, what better place to dance stupidly to them than right here?