Fonzworth Bentley + Andre 3000 + Kanye West – Everybody

With such an aristocratic name, it is only fitting that Fonzworth Bentley finds a place among the Royalty of Hip Hop culture. A one time personal assistant to Sean Combs and childhood friend of Andre 3000, Bentley is also signed to Kanye’s Good Music label…

I had spied the argyle sporting, umbrella toting Bentley in numerous film clip cameos prior to his own and could never fathom what his connection was. Now I know. He’s connected to everyone. For the first single off his yet to be released debut LP C.O.L.O.U.R.S Bentley and the gang assume personas that are halfway between the polished slick of The Temptations and the swagger of The Rat Pack. In truth they come off as five Sammy Davis Jrs. not because he was black but because he was by far the coolest.

The track itself isn’t amazing but is worth repeat listens for the Andre 3000 verse alone (that guy just doesn’t stop killing it). The clip on the other hand, is infinitely more entertaining than the song it accompanies. Even if it’s just to laugh at Kanye’s stilted attempt to keep up with the choreographed dance moves, or for the laughable skit at the beginning. Musically I can’t help but find myself askingc”When is the next Andre 3000 album coming out?”