Fleet Foxes Break Their Six Year Silence With A Mammoth 8 Minute Tune

Psst. Hey. Hey kid. Y’all like vocal harmonies? Then I got the real shit. The shit that’ll blow your damn head off.

After six years in the musical wilderness, beautiful folk boys Fleet Foxes are back, with a monster 8-minute track that sounds exactly like you’d imagine an 8- minute Fleet Foxes song to sound like in 2017. Third of May / Odaigahara comes fresh with a lyric video, and the band has announced a new full-length named Crack-Up.
Though singer Robin Pecknold hinted on Instagram that their new music would have a “different vibe,” this single at least has a very, very familiar vibe. And it’s nice! Was it worth a six year wait for Fleet Foxes fans? Maybe!
Source: YouTube.