PRIMO! Magazine is looking for new Writing Interns to write and post cool shit from the comfort of home. Writers, and contributors will cover topics from music reviews, up-and-coming clothing releases, kicks, and some retrospective views on the cool shit from the past. So if you already love the online magazine outta PRIMO!, already have a current blog/tumblr which will show off your sik writin’ skillz and are super psyched at the idea of getting your writing out there on the world wide webasphere direct to a interested audience – you should apply. PRIMO! are quote ‘Cooler than high-5’s and rocket ships,’ so if you want to apply you best be AT LEAST as cool as said high-5’s and rocket ships. At least. [Apply Here]

Casual Sales Assistant wanted at General Pants (BRIS), so if you live in/around the Gold Coast and have ever gone into a General Pants store and thought ‘I could mos def be a GP bro,’ keep reading. They are looking for someone with passion for general pants/general pants customers, drive, experience in retail. To be successful in this position you will need to bring a love and understanding of retail, outside-of-the-box ideas, a positive attitude and be able to show that you achieve results (TO INFINITY AND) beyond what’s expected. Seems like it would also be good if you enjoy being inside of General Pants clothes….[Apply Here]

The opportunity currently exists (right now) ((at this very moment)) for a talented Digital Marketing Manager to lead the Digital Marketing Party* (*Team) at Random House Australia (SYD). You would be responsible for developing and delivering the online strategy to build Random House brands using high impact digital communications and impressive marketing campaigns. So if you have experience with Digital Marketing and love you some books, you would be managing their online infrastructure including website, web based author campaigns, SEO/ SEM development and social media management. Applicants must, absolutely MUST, be literate. [Apply Here]

Call for Artist Submissions for the 16th Annual Sculpture by the Sea, which runs from the 18th of October till the 14th of November. FUN FACTS: Last year over 500,000 people attended the exhibition during the 3 week exhibition period and over the last few years roughly 30% of the outdoor works have sold. So basically if this is what you and your hands are into, this is the perfect opportunity to get your work out there and viewed by an appreciative (and ca$hed up) public. Aspiring Sculptors, you have until the 1st of April to SCULPT LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SCULPTEDED BEFORE, then submit: [Apply Here]

Venue Booker wanted at The Esplanade Hotel (MELB), or as it is affectionately know, the Espy. They are not joshing around, ideally they would like it if you had minimum of 3 years working at a venue of similar capacity, a strong contact base within the music/promotions industry, a phenomenal understanding of the current live music scene, exceptional organisational slash communication skills, strong drive + pro-activity, common sense + great lateral thinking and above all have a strong ability to multitask effectively and roll with the punches. For the record, they mean that in the ‘figure of speech’ sense, they will not be actually punching you. Unless you are terrible at your job and start biting people. Then you deserve it. [Apply Here]

Courtesy of Pedestrian Jobs.

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