Tones And I, Young Franco & CHAII Reveal The Best Advice They’ve Been Given & How They Use It

It’s tough to get started in the music biz. Between booking a first gig, finding an audience and battling self-doubt, artists often have to navigate all of this alone.

Without a solid mentor or community ready to help you out and celebrate your small wins, it can feel like screaming into the void. That’s why it’s so important that fellow creators, no matter how big or small, come together to support one another.

Tones And I is teaming up with artists Young Franco and CHAII to write and record a new song, and they’ll be filming the entire process to celebrate the launch of Coke Studio®. To celebrate NZ and Australia’s first-ever Coke Studio® debut, Tones And I, Young Franco and CHAII will also appear in Sydney to perform the song at the Coke Studio® official launch gig.

We asked the trio about the best advice they ever got and what they would tell their younger selves.

PTV: What is the best advice someone has ever given you that had a significant impact on your life?

Tones And I: “You just gotta keep livin’ man…” Someone said this to me recently during a conversation, it was short and impactful, life’s too short, we’ve just got to keep living whilst trying to do our best.

Young Franco: I don’t think I can pin it as the single best advice but I write down things that my friends or people I meet say that have a profound effect on me. A gentleman that I wrote down as ‘John from Baltimore’ said “Even the easy way is hard enough” which I thought was pretty profound.

It was an interesting thought because, for me, it meant that even if you don’t have many setbacks in a career, whether that’s in music or any other goal, it’s generally still really tough to get there! Or the work still has to be done.

CHAII: ‘Nothing’s impossible,’ I live by this. In my life, I’ve experienced how you can truly create something out of nothing.

It’s a reminder to me about how you’re capable of achieving your dreams. That you have more power than you think. Seeing and experiencing my family’s move to a new country and building everything ground up. Time after time I’ve seen how your mindset towards life can really impact the result you get.

This advice has also helped me build my music career ground up. I’m not saying any of it was or will be easy, but it definitely helps to be delulu! Haha.

What makes you excited about the future of the music industry?

Tones And I: The untapped talent, there’s so many artists out there doing great things, the world just hasn’t had the chance to see them yet. But they exist, and they’re on their way.

Young Franco: I really think it’s such an exciting time for electronic music. There are so many amazing artists that I’m in love with and they inspire me every day. Music is always evolving from circumstance and I think that’s exciting. 

CHAII: Seeing more culturally diverse music styles becoming recognised on the international stage, examples like Rosalia, Elyanna, MIA, BTS, Audrey Nuna and more. The world is more accepting and I’m excited to see more of it.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Tones And I: If you want it, go get it, don’t give up on it, don’t wait for it and when you get it, be true to you.

Young Franco: Take opportunities as they arrive! Don’t delay. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself.

CHAII: Learn how to cook.

You can catch Tones And I, Young Franco and CHAII perform together live at the Coke Studio® launch gig. Click here to grab tickets to the event.