I Asked My Co-Workers For Their Craziest Money Saving Tips & Not One Of Them Disappointed

Money saving tips

Last week, I watched my friend subtly slip hot sauce packets into her purse at $2 Taco Tuesday. At that moment, I realised I might not be the only one doing it tough right now. If you’re wondering — I totally am going to steal that idea to fill up my sauce bottles next time. As our icon and legend Meryl Streep sang in Mamma Mia!, “It’s a rich man’s world.”

This encounter had me wondering — what other crazy saving hacks have people got up their sleeves right now? Creativity is always born out of the most dire of times. So, I roped my co-workers in to do a little research. They couldn’t escape my questions since it was totally for work and definitely not so I could scrape enough money together for dinner. That would be crazy.

Here’s what they had to say, and spoiler alert: there’s nothing about quitting buying iced lattes. Sorry boomers.

“Steal your leftover money,” Jasmine

“I can set an automatic round-up to a savings account. It rounds up each transaction to the nearest dollar. I saved $300 in two months without even noticing it going in!”

I don’t know about you, but if a cashier gives me coins, I pop them in a tip jar or throw it in my car dash. Because who wants random metals jingling around? Think about how much you’d be able to save if those little coins went into a separate bank account instead. You’d have enough for a little treaty after a good or bad day. (Both are valid, BTW.)

“Expect the unexpected,” Emily

“Instead of risking getting caught out when you’re in a car accident, think ahead and get insurance so you’re not potentially left in a pickle.”

No one thinks their car is going to get stolen until it happens. No one thinks they’re going to get into an accident until it happens. No one thinks — look, you get the point. You never know what’s around the corner, and then something could happen out of nowhere, leaving you with bills you can’t pay. Which is where comprehensive car insurance may help.

Even though we don’t want to admit it, but turns out our parents were right — getting car insurance really does take a few minutes and could save you from being completely out of pocket should unexpected events happen like a car accident or finding your car stolen. If you’re looking to get yourself covered, Bingle comprehensive car insurance won’t cost you an arm and a leg (and won’t bill you for extras you don’t need).

“I try to beat my high score,” Matt

“I now have this weird thing in my head where I try and beat my high score. In other words, can I spend less this month so I can beat my bonus savings high score?”

This would work for my competitive soul, who, admittedly, doesn’t take losing very well. Sorry, wants, but I need to beat my bank high score. I guess that Capybara light in my cart will have to wait.

BRB, just gonna go create a money app where you can verse your friends and set financial goals. How do you code again?

“Stop seeing your friends,” Ben

“They’re too expensive.”

Looking at my bank statements after spending time with friends, I realised he is kinda right. Emphasis on kinda.

Turns out there are free things to do with your friends other than devouring a bougie brunch or heading to a music festival.

Plan your next catch-up at the beach, go bush walking or organise a picnic. If you’re an indoors-kinda person, visiting an art gallery, doing an at-home cooking night, or a cosy movie marathon is always a good shout.

“I stalk my purchases,” Jake

“Manually tracking my ins and outgoings on a spreadsheet, not an automated app where I lose track.”

I feel like Jake must be that stalker in YOU because this is something he would do.

“Money you are mine.”

Anyway, this is actually a great idea. Instead of losing track of money coming in and out, you find out what’s happening to your savings. Hint: next paragraph.

“My savings always increase when I get into a good flow with this,” he went on. Is it weird how excited I am to play Spreadsheet?

“Stop buying fancy cheese,” Bree

“It’s not worth it for $15.”

As an IBS girlie myself, I’m not ready to accept this reality yet. Let me embrace the pain through my stomach and bank account. I will not be beaten by dairy products and random numbers on a screen.

Don’t ignore these tips like broke ole me has in the past and you could actually save some cash (and cop some low-cost car insurance.) That way if you’re ever in a pickle, you can still keep planning that holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

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