Give Us The Lowdown On Your Money-Saving Hacks & You May Walk Away With $500


Hey besties. Do you want $500? Of course you do. It’s free money.

To be in with a shot to win a cool $500, all you gotta do is answer a few questions about your spending habits for us. We really wanna know about your top-tier money-saving hacks. Do you get all your clothes from the op shop (or as my Nanna would call it, the oppy)?

Maybe you eat more chickpeas than the regular person – they’re like $1 per can, dude. When I was at uni, chickpeas single-handedly kept me alive and functioning for like four years straight. I owe so much to the humble chickpea.

One time I saw a YouTube vid where a guy would dry out his tissues after using them so he could re-use them later. This was meant to be a money-saving hack to mitigate the high cost of tissues (?).

I wish I could get that guy to answer our Qs. I bet he has some more thrifty tips up his sleeve.

Good luck and I hope you’re the one to pocket the $500. Yes you, person reading this right now. Love ya.

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