Fallen on Duff Times: Duffy to Quit Music

A close friend of Duffy’s has stated that the Welsh songstress has been down and out since the release of her latest album, Endlessly, and is making plans to quit music.

The record was the antithesis of her debut album, Rockferry, which spent significant time in the Top 10 and reportedly netted her record label over £20mil. Endlessly on the other hand charted poorly with first-week sales of just 18,000.

Pressured by fame and fortune Duffy adds to the list of musicians unfit to burden the stigma’s which come with success. She now craves a life in the country with Rugby boyfriend, Mike Phillips. To be able to retire to the country at 26 with £4mil in the bank isn’t too shabby – I would say album flop or not, she has come out on top.

When she is bored of milking cows and cooperating in tackling practice with Phillips, she can always unite with Hilary for the Duff and Duffer tour.