Drake Just Dropped Three Brand New Tracks Out Of The Blue

With little by way of explanation, Drake has just released three brand new tracks, and is streaming them right now on his SoundCloud. Well, okay, technically speaking, two of the tracks, ‘6 God’ and ‘Heat Of The Moment’, are brand new, while a third, ‘How Bout Now’, was leaked by some unscrupulous individual last week. 
Please don’t let that get in the way of your enjoyment:
Prefix report that Drake is currently working on his fourth studio album, Views From The Six, which is due for release at some point next year. Though nothing is confirmed, it’s quite likely that the tracks he premiered today are part of said album.
Drake’s new record has nothing to do with a certain late ’90s musical masterpiece that features a very similar title, but if there isn’t at least one track that contains a sample of ‘If You Had My Love’, we’ll be pissed.

Photo: Bob Levey via Getty Images