Download Exclusive New Mix: ‘Coming Up, Not Down Vol II’

Hip-hop gajillionaire P. Diddy once said: “it’s all about the Benjamins” but the vibe wrangling brotherhood at I OH YOU know that oftentimes it’s all about the lack thereof. For this reason they’ve pulled together ‘Coming Up, Not Down Vol II’, an exclusive mix featuring all our favourite up and coming Australian acts (including Jagwar Ma, Owl Eyes, Straight Arrows and Ta-Ku) and are giving it to you for FREE.

Like KFC’s Double Down, Frank Ocean concert tickets and other lovely things, it will only be available for a limited time so DOWNLOAD IT NOW before it disappears in 14 days.

Peep the tracklist below, and keep an eye out for interviews with all the involved artists that will be hitting Pedestrian’s pages soon.

Track Listing (in alphabetical order):
Baptism of Uzi – Stray Current
City Calm Down – Stay
Clubfeet – Capetown
Drunk Mums – Switchblade (Stoned Version)
Jagwar Ma – Man I Need
Movement – Feel Real
Oscar Key Sung – It’s Coming
Owl Eyes – Nightswim (Fractures Remix)
Palms – Summer is Done With Us
POND – Giant Tortoise
Straight Arrows – Hilton Bomber
Ta-Ku (feat Chet Faker) – Mahal
Wordlife – Hold Tight
Worlds End Press – Deadbeat Sweetheart