In what could be seen as a crime against the boog, Disclosure has dropped their first album in five years this morning, smack bang in the middle of the pandemic. As expected from the UK duo, it’s chock-full of bangers that are so good it’s infuriated me that clubs are closed right now, because all I want to do is find some sweaty, packed dancefloor and work out all this pent-up hoon energy.

The new album is very aptly named ENERGY – because that’s all it’s giving me and I don’t know where to put it – and in true Disclosure fashion, features an impressive array of collaborations, including KelisCommonKehlaniSyd from The Internet, Aminé, slowthai, and Channel Tres.

Exploring elements of bassy house, grooving RnB, and infectious beats that have successfully brought the boogie itch right to the front of my lockdown feelings, brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence have evolved their dancefloor bops once again. The duo have taken their deep love for UK grime further afield, incorporating and melding together sounds of American and African hip-hop by collaborating with Chicago-based Mick Jenkins, Malian singer Fatouma Diawara and Cameroonian legend Blick Bassy.

To really have their cake and eat it too, Disclosure is also inviting fans into their own world of energy from today, opening the gates on their own Minecraft world. The immersive map gets fans exploring elements of the new album and how patterns in nature influenced the sound and visuals of the album itself. Knowing full well they’ve dropped an album right when the clubs are off-limits, the Disclosure lads have created a couple of underground clubs in the Minecraft map. Literal rave caves.

I dunno about you but I’m legitimately trying to figure out if I can cobble together some kind of home hoon situation so I can just boog out the months of pent-up club energy I’ve got.

Image: Hollie Fernando