Dirty Three Head To 20th Meredith Festival

There are few Australian bands still kicking (and still kicking ass) that are as esteemed, respected and adored more so than Melbourne trio Dirty Three – so who better to help the Meredith Music Festival celebrate 20 years running.

The instrumental trio consisting of Warren Ellis (violin), Mick Turner (electric guitar) and Jim White (drums) are no strangers to Meredith’s Natural Amphitheatre, having placed the festival on three occasions including:

the band’s first stint in 1994 (vintage footage):

and 2004 the year it pissed down rain:

Having a band as dynamic and brilliant as Dirty Three on the lineup is the only inspiration we need to sign up to the Meredith Ballot and hope we chance upon one of those golden tickets.

Nestled in a natural amphitheatre in the Australian bushland on a private farm, Meredith is one of the most scenic festivals on earth. A proudly non-commercial affair, Meredith is BYO booze, completely sponsor-free, and always features a sterling line up of some of the best independent music in the world and a very appreciative crowd.

If you’ve never had the chance to attend, the 20th Anniversary is guaranteed to be a great year to lose your Meredith cherry.

At the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre on the Nolan Farm, Meredith, Victoria, Australia. December 10, 11 and 12, 2010.
The Subscriber Ticket Ballot is now open – head to www.mmf.com.au to sign up.

Main image from Stuff.nz