Crystal Castles Settle Lawsuit with Madonna T Artist

The forever ongoing lawsuit between the beaten up Madonna illustrator Trevor Brown and Crystal Castles has finally been laid to rest.

Crystal Castles first started rolling with the Brown designed Madonna image in mid 2006, which then rolled over to their merch tees later that year. And that was all without the artist Trevor Brown’s approval.

Brown has since accused the band (via email and a public spill on his blog) and their respective parties of using ‘bully boy antics’ as they reportedly brushed him massively when he approached them about not receiving credit/royalties from the misuse of his art.

In a twist Trevor Brown has now came out and let loose that the band’s management have brought the dispute to an end by spilling some coin his way for the use of the logo and buying the rights to the image from him.

“Hallelujah. It’s a miracle, there is a god!” he wrote. “Crystal Castles have redeemed themselves – I’ve been paid off!”

Brown also propped that the band’s management apologised for the fiasco and wrote that he hoped a line could be drawn under the affair.

“I think Crystal Castles have paid the penalty for their indiscretions…Let’s move on.”

Did someone say 6 figures?

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