I was the meat in a female fashion student sandwich this morning on the train. It was kind of awkward as they didn’t shut up once during the whole 30 minute City Rail voyage. Rather than listen in I decided that Iggy Pop made for a more enjoyable train trip, however my ipod’s being fucking gay at the moment and it always pauses mid way through songs. (Hey Apple PR people this is your cue to send me a new 120gbipod!) But yeah during one of the many pauses I managed to catch that babe A on the right was really interested in getting babe B on the left to come to her house after college to watch the Carine Roitfeld CNN doco repeat. !!! I didn’t know nothing about this… A few weeks out of the editorial game and already falling behind. Of course, Ash was totally down with everything and he told me to just check Frockwriter. Pffft who would’ve thought Frockwriter would be all over this. Enjoy 22 minutes worth of CNN gold.