Channel V Unveils Bambi, DJ Generik, Bert McCracken As New Presenters

The times, they are a-changin’ over at institutional youth music cable TV broadcaster Channel V. If you tune in from today you might be noticing the company’s given themselves something of a complete image overhaul, with new station graphics and bumpers adorned throughout.

But more significantly, they’ve also expanded their roster of on-air presenters, bringing in three faces that are both new to the channel, and instantly recognisable for their work outside of it as well.
Model Bambi Northwood-Blyth, up-and-coming deck spinner Tyson O’Brien – perhaps better known to all of y’all as DJ Generik – and former frontman for internationally successful post-hardcore outfit The Used, Bert McCracken are all jumping on board to bring Channel V into a new era.
Coupled with a pre-existing roster of presenters that includes Danny Clayton, Carissa Walford, and Marty Smiley, the channel hopes to bring a whole new, refocused attitude towards their doings and transpirings and whatnot. Via a press release, Rebecca Batties – the General Manager of Music and Head of Digital at Foxtel – stated:

At Channel [V] we are still very much about the music, however with this new direction we are tuning in to the needs of our youth audience and expanding programming to reflect and embrace their lives. The new Channel [V] takes our audience into a world of limitless options as we throw ourselves into the big passions that make youth tick, inspiring them to live a life to remember. 

In the coming months we are rolling out content the audience have told us they love. We are calling it ‘music lifestyle’. Both on-air and online, it covers everything from travel to fashion to different music genres. So stay tuned. The new talent join Danny, Carissa and Marty to each reflect the interests, ambitions and energy of our youth audience – which is music and so much more.
The new hosts will begin their roles in the coming days. Meanwhile, my petition for Channel V to bring back Cash Cab and start rerunning Back of the Y remains unanswered.
Photo and Story via Channel V.