Buy Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ Anniversary Reissue, Get A Free Tattoo

So your favourite band reaches a milestone, and to celebrate, they release a Special Anniversary Limited Pressing Collector’s Edition. Aside from the original album, remastered to within an inch of its life and a fancy-pants (sometimes Heart-Shaped) box to keep it all in, whaddaya get?

A bonus CD featuring live tracks, unreleased b-sides and acoustic rarities? Been there.

Promotional recreation of iconic early nineties tour t-shirt? Done that.

An actual, real-life, permanent tattoo of the band’s logo? Now you’re talking!

Dedicated fans who buy the 20th Anniversary reissue of Nirvana‘s third and final studio album In Utero, or the accompanying Live and Loud concert DVD on the day of its release (September 24) at three specific retailers in Seattle, Long Beach and New York will be able to walk right over to the “pop-up tattoo shop” on the other side of the store and have Nirvana‘s iconic ‘Smiley Face’ logo permanently tattooed on them as part of the package. The tattoo can be all yours provided you’re over 21 (ie. older than the album itself), and you don’t want the tattoo anywhere “explicit”.

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