Britney Spears Admits That Her Carpool Karaoke Sesh Was ‘A Little Awkward’

Britney SpearsCarpool Karaoke session with James Corden was one of the most hyped events of the week, and for the most part, it was a lot of fun, even if Corden did perform Brit’s teen pop anthems with a lot more enthusiasm than Brit herself. 
While she gamely bounced along to ‘Oops!… I Did It Again‘, and even mouthed to the cheesy spoken-word bit, Britney’s general appearance gave the impression that she’s ~just a little bit~ over that shit at this point in her life.
In a subsequent interview with New York radio station KTU 103.5FM, she came out and said what everyone was thinking – that the session was “just a little awkward.”
“The guy was incredibly sweet,” said Brit, presumably referring to James Corden. “I had no idea he has kids. He’s a teddy bear. I was like, ‘I just want to hug you right now.’” 
She was also slightly uncomfortable thanks to the fact that Corden insisted on playing ‘Oops!’ and ‘…Baby One More Time‘, two songs she’s apparently grown tired of over the years since they were released. 
Spears, who is apparently transitioning into the Howard Hughes of ’90s pop stars, also had issues with … the general concept of being outside and seeing people? I don’t know TBH, but she told the interviewers: 
“It was a little awkward, like, driving by grocery stores. People walk by and there are like 18 cameras around us. This is just so awkward.”
In case you missed it, here’s her still-very-entertaining Carpool Karaoke episode:

Britney’s new album Glory is out now, and she will perform at the MTV VMAs for the first time in a nearly decade on Sunday, US time.

Source: US Magazine.