Blue Monday Cheese?

While former band mate Damon Albarn is monkeying about in his new project (see what I did there?) former Blur Bassist Alex James is spending his time making cheese.

James newest creation is an indier than thou cheese simply dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ named after New Order’s 1982 megahit and according to James is “very moist, very gooey, spicy with quite a mellow flavour with sweet notes,”
James went on to say that “We were playing around with a couple of blue cheeses, which take six to eight weeks to develop, and we were working on a triple cream cheese. Most people would take 18 months to two years to release a new cheese but Blue Monday came through.”

More music references in everyday food products I say! Here are a few suggestions:

The Smashing Pumpkins Pie
Gang of Four Beans Mix
Barry White Sauce
Wu Tang Clams

Any other ideas?