Barnaby Joyce Just Started A Beef About Beef With Fkn Morrissey Himself

Much like the Australian exporters he claims to defend, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce simply cannot go without beef. 

Joyce, leader of the Nationals and go-to punching bag in celebrity stoushes, has hit back at an open letter penned by world-class whinger / legitimate musical genius Morrissey.

A lil’ earlier today, The Smiths’ former frontman and hardcore vegan absolutely blasted Joyce over our nation’s continual reliance on the live export industry. 

The letter, published through PETA, riffs on that bust-up with Johnny Depp by saying “you can deny it until you are red(der) in the face, but the industry is dying.”

“Your recent dismissal of the need for an animal-welfare office in your department shows that you are currently on the wrong side of history. If meat is murder, live export is the slow boat to hell.

Please help pave the way towards a kinder future by putting the live-export industry out of its misery immediately.”
Moz is currently putting the finishing touches on his Australian tour, and judging by Joyce’s response on Twitter, the great quiffed one probs won’t be spending any extra time in this fair nation:

While we wait for Morrissey to pen a melodramatic EP in honour of this near-inexplicable stoush, feel free to get wild to The Smiths’ classic How Soon Is Now, just like your cool aunty used to do... while staring at our nation’s second in command.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald / Barnaby Joyce / Twitter.
Photo: Jim Dyson / Getty.