Bang Gang Honour Ajax With Commemorative Club Night At 77

On the one year anniversary of the death of celebrated Australian nightlife figure Adrian Thomas aka DJ Ajax, Sydney-based DJ collective Bang Gang Beni Single (DJ Damage), Dan Single (Dangerous Dan), Jaime Wirth (Jaime Doom), Mikey Nolan (Double Nolan) and Angus Gruzman (Gus Da Hoodrat) – will honour his memory and legacy with a commemorative club night in Sydney, their third after nights in Sydney and in Melbourne last year – at Club 77 on William Street in Kings Cross.

When we spoke to Dan last year he said that the decision to honour Ajax was unanimous.

“We talked about it almost immediately,” he said. “After Adrian’s funeral everyone was together and it was just a natural thing that came up. It was almost like everybody said it the same time. We looked into each others’ eyes and knew that we had to do something together to celebrate his life. It took no convincing from anyone.”   

According to the poster, the night may now become an annual tradition. 
“Return to Club 77 for the annual celebration of the one and only true dance legend Ajax,” a poster for the night reads. “Come and help us evoke his spirit and rediscover yourself in a space full of light, sound and and dance.”