The Backstreet Boys Performed In Drag As The Spice Girls & Oof, The Nostalgia

Just when you think you’ve seen absolutely everything that could trigger a wave of 90s nostalgia and feels, the Backstreet Boys fucken knock it out of the park by dressing in drag as the Spice Girls to perform some of the girl group’s biggest hits from their golden years.

Holy shit, you guys. This is so great.

The biggest boyband of probably all our collective childhoods/sexual awakenings (hi Brian Littrell) are on their annual fan cruise this week, and one of the nights was dedicated to partying like it’s 1993. So instead of going out and performing in their own garb, they decided to don some incredibly chunky platform boots and wigs, and lip-sync to classic Spice Girls hits.

We are NOT worthy of this content.

Fuck me up, Nick Carter straight up demolishing his ankle in those white Baby Spice platforms gives me horrid flashbacks to all the platform shoes I owned in the early 00s. Jesus Christ.

God damn look at those red boots on Howie Dorough. How do I get me a pair of those go-go boots?

Bless ’em for not bloody knowing who has what solo. How can you NOT know???

And here’s a slight pivot into the other queen of 90s/00s pop – it’s Britney, bitch.

The BSB guys seem to really love a good themed night because here’s the lads dressed in full cosplay. DeadpoolThorJared Leto‘s deranged JokerZorro (???) and uhh, is that like a darkest timeline Carmen SanDeigo? Can someone help me here please I can’t place it?

From what can be seen online, the Backstreet Boys Cruise is kinda just them getting rowdy onstage, maybe a little sauced, and just having a belter of a time on the ocean. What a life.

Oh, and extremely big shout-out to Kevin Richardson for completely and utterly embodying Posh Spice though. Incredible areas.