‘Baby Driver’ Has Got Everyone Feeling Huge iPod Classic Nostalgia

One of the key visual motifs in the new Edgar Wright bonanza Baby Driver is the fact that the titular character has the freshest piece of TRU MUSIC FAN 2009 swag – a hefty iPod Classic.

I had a shitload of iPods throughout the 2000s, but the Classic – technically the sixth generation iPod – was easily my favourite. Nothing is more beautiful to me than its extensive storage capacity and that whirring click sound it made when you dropped it one too many times and fucked up the hard drive. 
Seeing it crop up as Baby’s weapon of choice in the film has got people online reminiscing about the Classic, long ago forgotten for stuff you can more readily play Candy Crush on. That includes Edgar Wright himself, who tweeted his old fella pumping out the soundtrack to his own movie.

A few other filmmakers chimed in, like Star Wars Episode VIII director Rian Johnson, who also inexplicably has a Classic which still functions in 2017:

Metal Gear Solid auteur Hideo Kojima clocked in with his own entry, too.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn showed off his own Classic, deftly docked into a speaker clearly to hide the fact that the battery no longer functions for longer than 5 minutes.

Fans are getting amongst it, and quickly coming to the realisation that getting your hands on an iPod Classic is likely to be a disappointing affair in 2017:

You heard ’em Apple. Bring it back.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Baby Driver.