Avalanches Post Rad Primavera Live Set That Shows They’ve Still Got Game

It’s been wild time for The Avalanches, after a period of silence following the release of their self-titled record “Since I Left You” in 2000, they’ve suddenly come back with a vengeance – announcing a new album “Wildflower” that will drop July 8th.
To tide us over until then, they’ve released the desk audio from their set at Primavera music festival in Barcelona, which apparently was initially meant to feature a live band but ended up being a DJ set at the last minute:

“Live primavera desk tape. Enjoy y’all. Put this show together an hour before showtime after visa fuckups nixed our live band plans. Thank fuck we had our vinyl with us. 

Special thanks and much love to Jamie xx who came through for us with the classic ‘good times’ acapella at the last moment!”

Thank fuck indeed. Once you’re done with that why don’t you give the first single off the new album another listen, because well, you’ve got to do something to fill in the time until July.

Photo: Soundcloud.