A$AP Ferg’s New Album Features A Song Dedicated To Aussies & TBH It’s Hottest 100 Material

asap ferg australia

It’s no secret that ASAP Ferg bloody loves Australia. Like he is madly in love with this place. Can you blame him? The answer: no. Which is why it’s not surprising that Ferg has gone and done a whole track on his new album Floor Seats II about how much he loves this country. And mates, it slaps so hard, I reckon it has some Hottest 100 potential.

Teaming up with local drill collective ONEFOUR and fellow American rapper Fivio Foreign, Ferg has unleashed Aussie Freaks into the world today, chasing Say It Again – a collab between Ferg and ONEFOUR that dropped earlier this year.

Considering it opens with ASAP Ferg saying “invite all the Aussie freaks”, I would almost put money on it that it’s gonna be run out at house parties across the nation as they start happening again. If festivals were on this year, this track would get pumped out of the speakers between sets like its nobody’s business.

Aussie Freaks reprises ASAP Ferg’s last collab with ONEFOUR, spitting about visiting Butter when he hits Sydney – yep, that same fried chicken spot in Surry Hills we all know and love – which has tickled me to no end. It’s got a thick, buzzy beat, and a hooky chorus – a recipe for a surefire earworm that’ll burrow its way into your brain in no time.

Look, it’s pretty deeply known that we absolutely fucken go off when any celeb gives Australia a sliver of recognition, so it would surprise me to no end if this one makes it way into the Hottest 100 for 2020.

Plus, Aussie Freaks has been released at the golden time (just late enough in the year that people will remember it) and it name-checks pretty much all Aussies who are into Ferg’s work. I can’t even think of anything that would make it a more perfect candidate for a Hottest 100 contender.

And on top of that, Triple J legend Hau Latukefu was very much responsible for hooking up ONEFOUR with Ferg in the first place, so there’s a high chance it’ll be getting a spin on the J’s soon enough. They’ve definitely played the first collab, so it’s not entirely impossible that Aussie Freaks will get a run in due time.

For those of us who are already working on their (very long) shortlists for the 2020 noms, chucking this one in is well worth the five seconds of effort.