Are You The Next Yumi Stynes? Channel V On The Hunt For New Presenters

In the early 2000’s, before she committed treason and back when Andrew G still had a ponytail, Yumi Stynes was a humble Melbourne sandwich maker who once auditioned for Channel V’s presenter search. This could be your career trajectory, too!

After launching the media careers of Stynes and former Australian Idol host James Mathison, Channel V’s presenter search is on again, offering one charismatic Australian the chance to work with Billy Russell, Danny Clayton, Jane Gazzo and Carissa Walford as an official Channel V presenter.

To the job description!

“Music television channel seeks shit hot, new presenter. The successful applicant will be 18 years or older, have music blazing through their veins, be prepared to circumnavigate the globe covering major music festivals and events, have the guts to ask the gritty questions and be able to hold their own when face to face with the likes of Lady Gaga, Radiohead, Kanye West or Slash. Please note: this is a paid job. No, really.

CHANNEL [V] is hunting the next big thing on Australian TV to join the ranks of our Presenter Search alumni along with Yumi Stynes, James Mathison and Billy Russell. Is this YOU? If you reckon you’ve got the goods to be the next face of Channel [V] the time has come for you to audition for CHANNEL [V] PRESENTER SEARCH 2012. The best gig in the world could very well be yours for the taking.”

Also, can anyone tell us what happened to that awkward mousey bro Steve Bourke? We’re about to file a missing persons report.

For more info visit the Channel V website.