50 Cent’s Cosmetics Line

It has been announced that gangsta rapper 50 Cent will launch his own cosmetics line including grooming products, creams, moisturisers and health supplements.

A source close to the rapper explains: “Fifty prides himself on having a ripped body… he’s on a health kick and barely touches alcohol…So his range will be for the guy who likes to be pampered — but the supplements will make it more butch.”

I’m confused by Fifty’s mixed messages, first he calls out Kanye for pseudo-homosexuality then he releases his own beauty range for guys who like to pamper themselves? What? The justification for those with reservations about the skin cream? There are “butch” supplements as well, so people know you’re a real man who. He needs to inspect his market research a little closer…

This is about Fiddy times worse than seeing P-Diddy pushing Proactiv at 3 in the morning and that’s including Diddy’s hilarious testimonial that the cream helped “moisturize my situation and preserve my sexy.” which to me was an insinuation that Diddy used Proactiv as lube.