5 Guitar Bands You Should Know

Mr.C was giving me grief yesterday about the lack of text surrounding guitar bands on this domain of late. In return I reeled off a couple of names we’ve touched lately in my favour. He took the word on board but did not concede nor did he retract his last bit of tongue. Instead I decided today that I’d just trawl my ipod and post a couple of the artists who’ve been a copping a lot of arrow to the right lately. The only prerequisite being a guitar and -15k myspace friends.

Rainbow Arabia: I think I described these guys to a friend the other day as “Pocahontas on acid” so lets roll with that. They do jungle better then Tarzan and weird as good Bjork you should definitely get clicking and suss something off “The Basta EP”

Listen: Omar K, I Know I See I Love I Go

Useless Children: If Rainbow Arabia are like Pocahontas on acid then Useless children are like Young and Restless on Steroids. They’re signed to the coolest label in Oz, Exo, and have the potency to get you back into hardcore. Listen, listen, listen.

Listen: Spastic Nation, Sounds, These Things Change.

Chairlift: If you’re at all in tune with pop music or at least pop music featured on frequently aired commercials you will know all about Chairlift and their track “Bruises” which is featured on the latest round of Ipod Nano ads. With all sincerity their other stuff is great! Not as much commercial appeal as “Bruises” but there is a couple of very listenable/likeable mp3s in their player as I type this.

Listen: Earwig Town, Planet Health

Flying Foxes: A bit self indulgent here, but what better way to massage the hairs on Mr.C’s legs then to include his band in the list of bands worth listening to. They just uploaded their new Scott Horscroft (Presets, Silverchair) produced single “Lost In Low Cloud” on their myspace so you should probably take a listen. **Also Sydneysiders beware they’ll be launching ‘Lost In Low Cloud’ this Friday the 14th of NOV with a gig @ Sosueme/Qbar which apparently will also feature on stage sing-along appearances from Al from Red Riders, Ben from Traps & Nick from Deep Sea Arcade – do it.

Listen: Lost In Low Cloud, Gripped On Grim demo

Gang Gang Dance: You already know these guys but how could I leave them out… We’ve been propping them so much of late. Not sure if anyone else in the office agrees with me but Saint Dymphna, their 4th LP, is one of the best albums to come out this year.

Listen: Nicoman.