Hold on to your avo toast kids, from today the minimum wage has been kicked up an extra 3.7% by the Fair Work Commission. This takes it to $18.93 an hour, or a total of $719.20 a week.

Commission president Justice Iain Ross told the ABC the pay rise is a good indication of Australia’s healthy economy and labour market. But in news that surprises no-one, it does fall far short of the 7.2% the unions were pushing for. Australian Council of Trade Unions Secretary Sally McManus sees the increase as a step in the right direction, but believes it’s not enough.

The minimum wage should be pegged at 60% of the median wage. This is the level set by the OECD [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development] – that is what’s required to ensure that every full-time worker in Australia can survive on their wage.

Look, that doesn’t sound like crazy logic to me, but in the spirit of positive Friyay vibes, another $24.30 each week is certainly nothing to scoff at. In fact there’s a lot you could buy with that money.


Or a meal out at any time of the day really, but if a fancy breakfast that it’s totally acceptable to sleep in for isn’t your favourite meal then you know nothing and I don’t want to meet you.

A Movie Ticket

You know how everyone loves movies but they’re so stupidly expensive these days? Well if you’re paying an adult fare they’re still too much for you to see one every week unless you go on cheap Tuesday. On Tuesday you’ll even have….What?! Only like, $2.30 left over? Remember when you didn’t have to have a trust fund to be a movie buff? That was great. Better smuggle in your own snacks because you can not afford to buy from the venue.

Sponsor A Child

Woah, did you guys know how cheap it is to sponsor a child? It’s only $48 a month, that’s only half-ish of your new monthly bonus. I don’t know why I thought it was more, but now I feel like a monster for not already doing this. Why is it cheaper to help a child than see a movie?


Not the really fancy ones obvs, they’re still too good for you, but cute simple ones from Woolies or something. Just to really liven up the place.


About 3 and a bit beers if you’re down at the pub, that’s not bad! Line it up with some free live music, or comedy or something, and you have yourself a night! Of course you could stretch your money a lot further and take a 6-pack home with you. Or a whole goon sack. Just saying.

Secondhand Goodies

Head straight to your nearest op shop for your pick of cool clothes, vinyls and books or something. Unless you hit sale gold you probably shouldn’t bother with other stores, but hey, buying second hand is better for the planet and stuff.

Or, you know, save it like an adult I guess.