New Aussie Doco Takes A Deep Dive Into Our Most Successful Start Ups

Start-ups, side-hustles, young entrepreneurs. Whatever you call it, the world is downright obsessed with when young people get out there, lose our working shackles, and do our own things in the world of business.

But the reality is that starting any business is difficult. With markets getting ever more crowded, and seemingly everyone and their dog trying to get a #lifechanging #innovation off the ground, it’s just as likely for your business idea will fail, compared to success.

To explore the struggles of really “making it” in the start-up scene, Emmy award winning director Patrick Moreau has released The New Hustle, a short form documentary that follows the journey of three young Australians – Andre Eikmeier, Luke Anear, and Melanie Perkins – and how they found success through their start-ups: Vinomofo, SafetyCulture, and Canva respectively.

The New Hustle takes a deep dive into the struggles of each of the founders, the pressures placed on their personal and professional lives, and the effect these trials and tribulations has had on them, the families, and their friends.

Luke Anear adds that he hopes the film inspires regular Australians to take a chance themselves.

The aim of The New Hustle is to raise awareness within the broader community by making the technology and startup industry more relatable. Aussies are strong early adopters of technology; we love the convenience it gives us, the educational and entertainment value, and of course connecting with friends and family over the plethora of messaging apps. The documentary will help give Aussies a rare inside look into how tech companies like Vinomofo, Canva, and SafetyCulture are created, and more importantly, the reasons why. Ultimately, I want to show that it really is just normal people that are creating technology that improves our daily life.

And while the idea of a super-dramatic documentary about Australian start-ups seems a bit odd at first, remember: we’ve already had a movie about the nerds who created Facebook. And that movie was awesome.

Check out the trailer below:

You can find more info on The Side Hustle on their website.

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